We find out as much as we can about your business, your business goals, audience, and your expectations of the website.

To do this we will send you a questionnaire that won’t take long to complete. As well as telling us about your customers, your products and your services, we’ll find out about your business identity and persona, to best match it with a website that will connect with your potential customers.

We will then assign you a Personal Account Manager who will manage your project from start to end, and be your point of contact if you need expert advice or help.


You will receive details on where you will upload your photos and images. We’ll go through these and let you know if we need any more.We will also request the text (copy) for your website. Writing for a website can be a daunting task, don’t worry we know!

We have plenty of tips and advice to help you choose the right photos and what to write down. Even though you know your business inside out you might draw a mental blank when it comes to actually siting down and writing about it. No stress! We have plenty of ideas to get you writing in a style that will entertain your customers, funnel them through the sales process, and improve your google ranking.


The development of your website will take place over the next 10 days and you have many opportunities to review and test your website. The sooner you can send us your photos and text the sooner we can get started. The quicker you respond to our questions or requests for more information, the faster your website will be completed.

When your website has been fully tested, checked and reviewed we’ll seek your approval to launch your website making it ‘live’. But the work isn’t over yet!


Websites need constant care and maintenance, and change is inevitable. Updating content, software upgrades and maintenance are all in a day’s work.

If you need us for anything we are here. Adding new products, sales or campaigns, updated information, no problems! Just send us an email or complete our online forms and we’ll have it done in a jiffy. Also be rest assured that we are constantly monitoring your website for performance and security.

A new website, fully managed with help and support for less than $2 a day!

Frequently asked questions

Why Pay Monthly?

Whether you go for an already-designed website, or design it yourself, you’re going to be paying a monthly hosting fees to a hosting service plus other costs associated with paying others to help you maintain your website.

If you choose Mikhael Web Design, you’re getting all the services included in the website design but also getting extras like:

  • Website maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • Professional Help with your website

Is hosting Important? Do I NEED hosting?

When you create your website, you need to make it available for people to access. That is, connect it to a server that people can access.

There are thousands of Website Hosting services, a lot of them have very basic, unreliable packages that are riddled with network problems that can cause your website to be frustratingly slow. There are also many issues with hacking, website exploitation and more.

IF you go for non-specialized hosting services like many other companies offer, you’re open to a variety of risks. Mikael Web Design uses the most reliable network services available, with high-speed, high-grade and highly dependable webhosting services to make sure your customers are opening your website quickly and securely.

What is Hosting security? Is it important?

Website hacking is very common, and you can be a victim of this digital crime. It is estimated that over 30,000 websites are hacked on a daily bases. Don’t let your website be a part of this statistic.

Your website needs to have a secure connection between the server, and your users need to have a secure connection between the website. This is done by using multiple, powerful firewalls (basically blockades) that protect your data from outside threats.

Mikael Web Design has a dedicated team that scans for, fixes or blocks hacking attempts on a daily basis. We ensure that your website will run smoothly without any hacking attempts. If in case your website still gets hacked, we will repair all damage to the website for free.

I already have an exisitng website, can I transfer it?

We are constantly welcoming new business; if you already have a website, you’re welcome to join our services!

However, we do not transfer existing websites. We believe in creating top-of-the-line websites with the latest website building and hosting technology; if you’re looking to build a new website with us, the build time will be shorter since you already have initial website resources on your end.

Email hosting and domain name transfers are available and done for no extra cost.

Do you Register Domain Names?

Yes! Not only can you transfer your domain name, you can also renew existing domain names or get a new domain name using our services.

How long does it take to build my new website?

Our aim is to complete our customer’s website as soon as possible. Once your website building process has started, we can build you website and launch it in as little as 2 weeks. However, a lot of the building process is dependent on how we receive images, graphics, website text and how site-specific inquiries are forwarded.